Meet Dr. Schaefer

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Marianne W Schaefer, DDS

The brief version of my "bio" is that Im educated in the art and science of dental restoration  but my story is full and verdant.  I have a BS in biology and a BA in Psychology at St. Xavier University and a DDS from Loyola School of dentistry.  I also have the a Masters degree  from the coursework completed at the University of Texas Health Science Center in conjunction with the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology in Forensic Odontology.  I practice as a general dentist and serve as a dental Forensic Odontologist for Cook County in Illinois and have served in  the same capacity, Federally, as a member of DMORT.  DMORT has responded to the Twin Towers, Hurricane Karina and Haiti disasters to name just a few.  However, my interests have also lead me into recognition for award winning poetry and writing as well as a stint as a Las Vegas performer of three years.  A mom, a grandmother, a friend, a companion.....where do you draw the line?