Services Provided

Personalized Care
• Comprehensive home care instruction
• Prosthetic dentistry including removable and non removable bridgework, and implant restorations
• Diet evaluation and nutritional education
• Stress reduction through guided meditation or hypnosis
• Comprehensive exams and diagnosis
• Cosmetic evaluations and delivery of the latest cosmetic techniques, including veneers and bio-cosmetic crowns
• Dental fillings in a variety of materials
• Periodontal evaluation and care

New Products and Services

Diagnodent Laser
Although radiographs are very important for a thorough examination, we have gone to great length and expense to remain conservative in their use. We are happy to work with copies from previous treaters and we now provide the high tech and widely sought-after digital radiography, which uses a computer to reduce the radiation exposure by 80%. In addition, we have incorporated the use of a laser called Diagnodent which is able to detect decay on any surface it can touch, without the use of an x-ray. More information can be found at, Diagnodent by Kavo

Calcium Paste
While fluoride is a natural occurring earth mineral, many patients question the safety of its use in the preventive segment of dentistry. Today dental offices are able to offer an alternative which is quickly becoming a favorite among dentists and patients. The product is a calcium-phosphate material that not only strengthens soft tooth structure but desensitizes areas around receded gums. Most patients are much more accepting of calcium and view it as being safer to use than its original predecessor, fluoride. More information on MI Paste is available here.

Digital Radiography
X-rays are necessary for the proper diagnosis and treatment of each individual. Our office feels that it is important to tailor the length of time between x-ray sets for the individual needs of each client. For the safety of our clients and ourselves we have supplied the office with the latest techniques in digital imaging which reduces everyone’s exposure, on average by 85%. The technique is less threatening, extremely comfortable with results produced immediately. It eliminates the use of harmful chemicals which could pollute our environment and, the images can never be “lost” by an insurance company. To learn more about digital x-rays feel free to visit Dexis.

Whitening Products
We offer Pola White products with custom fitted trays to allow you to whiten your smile at home whilst you sleep.

One of the most important advances in recent years in terms of personal oral health involves the early detection of oral cancer which is currently on the rise. According to the American Dental Association, over 25% of oral cancers occur in people who do not smoke and have no other risk factors. The Vizilite, an exam which is offered in our office, uses an acetic acid (vinegar-based) product to dry the tissue making abnormalities highly visible to a fluorescent light wand that pinpoints previously unseen abnormalities. It is nice to know that something so simple and unobtrusive can be a life-saving technology.

Anesthetic Techniques
The introduction of newer formulations of anesthetic provides the premise of extremely comfortable dental visits. Not only dot he newer techniques provide for a pre-injection “paint on” anesthetic which can be used during dental cleanings, but the long lengthy period of becoming unnumb can now be a memory of the patient’s past. Anesthetics are available for people who are sensitive to “that jittery feeling” which are created without epininephrine.

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